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Before placing an order, you must first become a client.  Please fill out the Client Information FormIf you are already a client, please skip to Step 2.

For clients requesting employment-purpose background screening reports (also known as consumer reports, and in California, as investigative consumer reports) please also complete the Client Agreement and Certification Form. The Fair Credit Reporting Act and analogous state law mandate that we obtain your certification of a permissible purpose for procuring such reports.

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To order a background report for business transactions:

  • Order a business background report
    The following reports can be ordered from the link above: Business Background and Credit Underwriting, Asset/Encumbrance, Board of Directors and Hedge Fund Manager

To order an employment-purpose background report:

To order an employment-purpose report outside of the SBN, please contact us at FACTS@scherzer.com or +1.866.SC.FACTS.