Personal Information Disclosure: United States or Overseas

Updated June 29, 2023.

SI is a United States company with no foreign offices or “offshoring” of its operations. SI prepares its reports based on information available in the United States. Even if a foreign element is involved, SI will attempt to obtain the information through domestic means and sources. In instances that necessitate an in-country verification or research, SI obtains the information directly from the source or, if applicable, through research by a member of our established network of vetted subcontractors. Documentation or information such as passport numbers and dates of birth are not sent to anyone overseas other than the actual verification provider (e.g. school registrar) whenever possible. SI takes reasonable measures to ensure that its handling of personal data on an international basis is safe and secure, which includes requiring its subcontractors who perform international searches to contractually agree that they will conduct SI’s assignments in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and maintain adequate safeguards with respect to the protection of data privacy and the corresponding rights of individuals.