As part of a business transaction for an accounting firm, SI was engaged to investigate one of the most respected charitable organizations in the US. The organization itself showed many years of humanitarian service, but among its countless good deeds, SI uncovered the not-so-charitable actions of a former chapter director. In 2008, this individual was sentenced to six years in a federal prison following his conviction on 15 counts of fraud, money laundering and interstate transportation of stolen property. The fraud charges involved swindling an Ohio man out of more than $9 million in a bogus investment scheme.

Additionally, in 2006, the Utah Division of Securities had fined the subject $60,000 and obtained a default cease-and-desist order barring him from future acts of securities fraud in an unrelated matter. Court records also revealed that the subject had convictions for grand theft and forgery dating back to the 1980s. By employing a risk management strategy like our client’s, the charity would have avoided its association with a felon, and thus prevented significant expenses and continuing embarrassment.