Report ElementsLevel ILevel II
Address History and Social Security Number Trace
Corporate Records
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Proxy Statements for Officer/Director Affiliation Records
Fictitious Business Name Statements
Media Sources (national and/or international publications, specialized libraries, repositories, and other sources focusing on locating tangible assets and liquidity in non-tangible assets such as patents, trademarks, contracts, royalty agreements, joint ventures, leasehold interests, usage rights, computer software and databases, etc.)
Company Website Review
Civil Litigation Records
Federal Court – Civil Records
Bankruptcy Records
Tax Lien Records – Federal, State and County
Judgment Records – Creditor and Debtor
Real Estate Records (statewide residential and commercial property ownership, sale and transfer; includes detailed deed information such as assessed, market and comparable values, original mortgage amounts and assessor’s parcel maps)
Vehicle Ownership Records (statewide)
Aircraft Ownership Records (statewide)
Watercraft Ownership Records (statewide)
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Records
County Recorder’s Index (miscellaneous liens and judgments)

Fees are based on record searches of one subject (company or individual) in one jurisdiction and a 10-year scope.
“Jurisdiction” refers to a geographical area, such as a county or federal district, within which a legal body/court adjudicates cases.

Asset searches include public records only.

Notification of negative findings is provided immediately upon identification with the subject.

Search strategies may be customized to attain client’s objectives.